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2022 Summer Shooting Club

For Shooters of All Ages and Abilities

Our 2022 Summer Shooting Club is our first venture into using video content and online instructional material in order to better serve players of all ages and abilities this summer. As a player, I (Joe) was known (and paid for) my shooting. But I also come from a family of shooters, so it is time for myself, my brother, my father, and others to pass it along this summer. This is the first of many ventures to better teach the art and soul of shooting.

Our Shooting Club is an 10 week, online group that will include a ton of video instruction, workouts, conversations, and other breakdowns. The goal is for shooters (or parents of future shooters!) to learn what is important (and what’s not). It will also include discounted access to our small group shooting workouts or camps during the month of July and August. I am going to make this a summer full of shooting for myself and my own kids, so come and join us!

Our goal is to make this club as accessible, simple, and cheap as possible with the goal of passing on our love for shooting the basketball. It is the present and the future of the game! Strategically, we want to motivate shooters to make (and keep track of) 100 jump shots at time in pursuit of joining the 2,500, 5,000, and 10,000 Made Shots Clubs this summer. Here are the basics of what is included for our introductory $35 price tag.

1) Online and exclusive video content focused on the fundamentals of shooting and various workouts. You will receive at least one instructional video and one workout video each week with something to focus upon or a workout to implement in pursuit of your made jump shots.

Many of these videos will focus upon what I am teaching my own kids (ages 16, 14, 12, and 7) about shooting the basketball. This is designed to help parents, coaches, and players clarify what really matters (and doesn’t matter) when it comes to shooting.

2) A 20% discount and first invitation to any of our summer shooting groups. In particular, we will host ‘feedback’ times with myself, my brother, my father, or one of my current players (and others) at gyms or backyards, sometimes with the Dr. Dish. Shooters need feedback, but not all the time. We want them to have just enough information to take home with them, so they can implement things on their own. Wise feedback with good repitition goes a long way in the summer!

3) Weekly “Made Shots” tracker. Share your made shots each week, so we can post it to our leaderboard. We will compete all summer to access the 5,000 and 10,000 made shot clubs–both of which come with a T-shirt upon completion. Again, all ages and abilities are welcome to join!

4) A PDF copy of my upcoming book, “The Soul of a Shooter.” This is a book focused not simply on the basics of shooting, but the guts of it, the real heart of soul of what it takes to let it fly. My belief is that though shooting is physical, it is also much, much more.

Come join us in the 2022 Shooting Club this summer!

Our $35 offer begins today and will run until June 20th. The price will then increase to $45, so join us today!



Week #1

Focus of the Week

Our focus this week is on the basics. First, the basics of a good shot. Second, the basics of improving that shot. 

As you will hear and see in the video below, my three categories are simple.

1) Develop a great and consistent one-hand release. The strong hand shoots the ball, the weak hand simply ‘guides’ it or stabilizes it. Form shooting is essential, as is shooting a ton of jump shots inside 15 feet.

2) Shoot with a strong base. As you grow as a shooter, you will have to be able to shoot with your feet in different spots, but foundationally, you want to develop the habit of keeping your feet under you. Strong hand foot in front, feet probably on an angle, but always underneath you.

3) Find your natural rhythm. Another word would be flow. Shooting should feel good. Feel natural. It’s something you let your body figure out. Don’t let your mind get in the way of your learning. Information is great, but too much information is a problem. Let yourself figure it out. Bruce Lee talked about a ‘mind like water.’ I like that idea for shooting.

Instructional Video

Form Shooting Routine #1

I can’t tell you how many times my father told me to buy into practicing a consistent form-shooting routine. My kids will tell you the same. As I mention in this video, I probably went through some form-shooting routine almost everyday for 20 years. It’s not fancy, but it helps you in more ways than you think. Personally, I would recommend making this a daily occurrence, especially for young shooters. I will share more simple videos like this in the weeks ahead.

Make 100 Workout of the Week

Remember, over the span of the next 10 weeks, 500 made shots per week (100 makes 5 days per week) moves you into the 5,000 make club. If you want to get to 10,000 over the summer, you will need to double it up! Here’s a simple routine to make 100. Notice, it’s from 15 feet. Though I love the 3-point shot, the best 3-point shooters think 15 feet is easy! So spend a ton of time there this summer.

Remember, as I mention in this video, it is best to switch up how you shoot the ball, especially when you do spot-shooting. The simplest adjustments engage the brain in a different way, so that you can learn more efficiency. You might miss more in the short-run, but I can assure you, missing more now leads to making more later–especially in the games!


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