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Just Play Camp 2020


@ Total Turf – July 20-23


 Boys & Girls Grades 4-6 – 9:00-11:30am

 Boys & Girls Grades 7-9 – 9:00-11:30am

Our dates are finally set! I recently ran this camp in State College, PA and the kids had a blast. I have always believed that the summer is the time to work on new things and engage with the game on the emotional level. That is what this camp is all about and it is especially important after many months at home!  

We want the kids to learn, but to do so while playing for 10 hours during this week. My aim is to maximize play and player ownership. They are sure to have plenty of fun while maximizing our hours on the court with various games of play. 

Thankfully we can run this at Total Turf this year. We will naturally submit to all state regulations, use masks, and plenty of hand sanitizer during the week. All participants will also have to submit to Total Turf’s expectations.  Registration information can be found in the links above. 

We were recently able to secure one more court at Total Turf, so we will run all ages in one session. Naturally, players will be matched up with similar ages and abilities throughout, though we will have some fun games to combine all ages in a positive way. Our maximum number will be 60 for all groups. 

Message from Joe Crispin: 

One of the things I have realized over the past several years of coaching is that kids need more opportunities to simply play the game of basketball. Specifically, they need opportunities to play without the oversight of coaches, parents, or anyone else telling them what to do. They essentially need the opportunity to coach themselves (and even call fouls themselves!). From a developmental standpoint, this is absolutely essential. Though working on specific skills is vital, it is not enough to become a great basketball player. You need opportunities to experiment with the skills you are trying to development. And the best opportunity is “free play.”

Most kids, however, don’t really know how to structure their own games, so we want to teach them. That’s what our “Just Play” week is all about. Though they will be working on skills and even running some drills, it is all game-based instruction that they own. The games themselves are the teachers. We will play 3 on 3, 4 on 4, 1 on 1, 5 on 5, “King of the Court.” We will do so in a variety of different ways and, ultimately, in a way the kids get to choose and own it. My kids tell me it is the best camp of the year. Most importantly, the week should lead them to want to play the game more and to take the games they learn to their own backyards and local playgrounds, because that is where the real progress takes place.

Our Vision

Crispin Basketball exists to help players of all ages and abilities play the game better and enjoy the game more. 

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Client Testimonials

We want to thank all of you for a wonderful spring season. Our whole family is excited about Joey being a part of the Crispin Basketball program.

Joey has spent most of the last few winters with some sort of cough, cold, or infection, that has restricted his time out on the basketball court. When he was out there, he wasn’t able to have fun. That was NOT the case this past month. He looked forward to practice and loved the games/tournaments. He enjoyed every minute of this spring season and cannot wait to start the summer league. He will have surgery in 10 days, but he is already making plans to get back out on the court afterwards. Saying “He had a lot of fun” does not accurately describe this past month for Joey.  READ MORE >

Joseph Callahan


Our family has nothing but positive things to say about our experience with the Crispin Basketball program.  Everything from the quality of the training and coaching staff, the training atmosphere, opportunity to work with members of the Rowan basketball team, information sharing with the parents, etc., was top notch.  For the past three years, we’ve had a seldom used basketball hoop in the driveway and basketball was just another winter activity. Upon joining the club, Zach took the initiative to try to get better on his own, applying what he learned during his training sessions even when the weather conditions were less than ideal.  While it’s too soon to predict the type of basketball player he might become, he definitely developed a greater appreciation and love for the game at a time when he was contemplating giving up the sport for good. READ MORE >

Brian Redondo


As parents, we truly appreciate the care and thought that goes into the Crispin Basketball program. It is really refreshing to find a high-level basketball program that has the best interest of kids at heart – not only developing skills, a basketball IQ, and a love for the game, but most importantly character.

Also, it’s difficult to match the wealth of experience and knowledge of Crispin Basketball! Your coaches have coached and played at the highest levels and know the game inside-out. Unlike a lot of coaches and basketball programs that focus on winning at any cost, Crispin Basketball takes the “long view” and gives kids every opportunity to develop their skills and become smart, fundamentally-sound, hard-working, well-rounded, team-oriented players.  READ MORE >



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