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By Joe Crispin, 04/18/18, 4:30PM EDT


Considering I am in the business of youth sports, it is funny how often I find myself telling those around me how unimportant the youth experience really is. 

Of course, you know what I mean. Not completely unimportant. Some things are always important. A positive experience that leaves you hungry to play more and learn more? Very important. An opportunity to grow as a teammate and to develop a good work ethic? Very important. 

But winning on the weekends? No. Maximizing your potential so coaches at the next level can see you? No way. Making sure you have the perfect role for your current skill set? Not even close. Completely unimportant for the youth sports experience. 

I could offer all sorts of items in support of those statements, but today I give you a simple photo from 1993. This was a sixth grade basketball game in NJ. A typical one. And one of only 12-15 for the entire year. 

Take a careful look and you will understand why I have such perspective and patience. This weekend isn't as important as you think. Enjoy it. Please.