One of the things I take pride in as a coach is the ability to pack practice or camp or clinic with well-thought through, fun-filled action. I don’t like any wasted time or hours filled with drills that really don’t translate well to the game. I want meaningful action. I want action that teaches so well that you don’t need to interrupt.

But I have found there is a downside to this approach. Because this isn’t what people are used to, they often view it as a bunch of kids just running around playing. Where I look at different stations and see a ton of meaningful learning, others just see kids playing around!

I get it. I really do. I have often told people that I know I could impress more people with more ordered and structured drills. But I don’t believe those drills teach the game as well as well-designed games. Not only that, but they aren’t as much fun.

With camp season approaching, I thought it would help to show an example of our camp schedule with my thinking behind it. My next step will be doing the same thing with video. That’s even better. But I think this will help to show that there is a method to the madness of a ton of play at camp!

So I have included a pdf below of Day #3 of camp last year. My thoughts behind the games/schedule are in red. Enjoy. I look forward to seeing your kids in a few weeks for all this learning!

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