Greetings everyone,

My name is Joe Crispin. I am the owner and director of Crispin Basketball and the current head men’s basketball coach at Rowan University. We are very excited to serve you and your young players this season through our Coaching program. 

Our mission with CB is to help players of all ages and abilities play the game better and enjoy the game more. Our aim this season is to help your kids in those two key areas:  Improvement and Enjoyment. Development and love. 

It is essential that we strike a careful balance between the two. Particularly in the current climate of youth sports, winning often trumps the desire for everyone to improve. And the desire for improvement often crowds out the central need to grow in a basic love for and enjoyment of the game. Our aim in everything is to foster both basketball development and basketball joy…for every player. 

As many of you already know, my father, Steve Crispin, will be the lead director for this program. He is enthusiastic about it and very hands on. You will see him often as he seeks to encourage and direct our coaches while they serve your kids. 

We have assembled a good group of coaches for our various teams. Our qualifications were not complicated. We were looking for community-minded individuals who are open to learning more about the game and enthusiastic about giving a positive experience to you and your kids. The youth sports world is not a friendly place today, so there are not as many as you would think out there! But the individuals we have assembled are enthusiastic learners and other-oriented people, so we are excited to work with them. 

I plan on emailing you two to three times a month regarding certain areas of focus for us and the coaches we are training. We will cover a variety of topics, all designed to give you a better idea of the vision we have for your teams. Naturally, we have been working with your leadership to clarify priorities in order to help your players have a positive season and to prepare for a most positive basketball future. 

Besides the direction of my father, Steve, our coaches are also utilizing a Youth Coaching Handbook resource that I recently published for sale online. It is comprehensive in clarifying our teaching philosophy while also providing direction for season, practice, and game planning. It is available for purchase and download on our website. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, we have made 50 available at the price of $5 for Washington Township parents. Simply use the coupon code, wtparents in the checkout box for that discount. 

I will share more in the weeks ahead, but that is plenty for now. Please know, we have a vision for your kids and are working hard to help them grow in their understanding of and love for the game. Though simple, making it happen is never easy! But it is worthy of our best efforts this season. 

Thankful for the game,

Joe Crispin

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