I am excited to announce our winter basketball programs for boys entering grades 6-8. 

This winter I will be coaching a club team for 10 boys in Grades 6-7. This team will practice approximately 16 times together and play an independent schedule of 12-15 games throughout the winter. 
We will also be offering an additional 18 spots for boys grades 6-8 to participate in the winter practices. All practices will take place at Rowan University, so there is plenty of space for all and I personally like to run groups with greater numbers for competitive purposes. 
I envision the club team to be a good option for boys who do not fit with their current rec leagues or middle school situations. I will naturally teach what I always teach–Man-to-man defense and offense and all-out positivity with your teammates! Our practices focus on the basic individual and team skills, with particular emphasis upon ball movement and player movement offensively. This club team serves as a full season for these boys, so I do not recommend trying to participate in both this season and a local team. 
For boys who have great season situations with their local teams, the practices are designed as a supplement to their season. I typically teach in a different way than their local coaches and have plenty of time and players to focus on skill work and competitive situations. As always, greater diversity in experience builds better players in the end. I also am opening these spots to boys in grades 6-8, because I believe it is a positive things for greater ages to play and compete against each other. We often do not see enough of this today. 
As always, logistical and scheduling questions can be sent to Erin at erin@crispinbasketball.com.
Tryouts (which are always run as a practice!) for the winter team will be held at Rowan University on November 4th from 3-4:30pm. Cost is $10 online or $15 (cash or check) at the door.
The cost for the season is as follows:
Club Players – $335 

Practice Players – $200
** The only additional cost will be a numbered reversible CB jersey.  If you already have a plain CB jersey from playing in our leagues, only a number will need to be added.

Enjoying the game with you,
Joe Crispin

Can I come to the tryout even if I don’t want to be considered for the team, but just want to get a workout in?

Yes, all are welcome. Please just indicate on your regsistration that you are not looking to be considered for the team.

Can 4th graders tryout for the team?

Yes, 4th graders are welcome to try out for the team or be considered for a practice player spot.

Can I still play on my town/rec team and play on your team?

Yes, but you will need to commit to this team’s practices and games being your first priority.

If I don’t play on your winter club team, can I still play on the spring club team?

Yes, we will have a separate tryout for our spring club team. Having a spot on the winter team will not guarantee a spot on the spring team, nor will it require you to play on the spring team.

Are there any additional costs to the team?

Each player will need a numbered Crispin Basketball jersey (those who played on a spring club team with us will have these). If you have just a regular Crispin Basketball jersey, you can have numbers added to both sides for $1.50/digit (so max cost is $6).


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