Winter Club

2019 Winter Club Team Tryouts: 7th-8th Grade Boys

November 10th, 4:00pm-5:30pm at Rowan’s Esby Gym

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This winter we will be running two 7th and 8th grade club teams (either a 7th grade team and an 8th grade team OR two 7th and 8th grade teams- one A team and one B team).

The teams will play about 10 games and have about 18 practices (running about 90 minutes) at Rowan University.  We will be offering full roster spots as well as practice player spots for those who would like to just practice with the team.

The cost for the program is $325 for a full roster player and $150 for a practice player.  Players who played with our teams in the spring will use the same uniforms.  Players who did not play with us in the spring will need to purchase a uniform at an additional cost.  Practice players will not need a uniform.

Tryouts are on Sunday, November 10 from 4-5:30pm at Rowan University’s Esby Gym.  The cost for the tryout is $15 online (that will be rolled into your registration fee if you are selected as a full roster player) and $20 cash at the door.


Enjoying the game with you,
Joe Crispin

Can I come to the tryout even if I don’t want to be considered for the team, but just want to get a workout in?

Yes, all are welcome. Please just indicate on your regsistration that you are not looking to be considered for the team.


Can I still play on my town/rec team and play on your team?

Yes, but you will need to commit to this team’s practices and games being your first priority.

If I don’t play on your winter club team, can I still play on the spring club team?

Yes, we will have a separate tryout for our spring club team. Having a spot on the winter team will not guarantee a spot on the spring team, nor will it require you to play on the spring team.

Are there any additional costs to the team?

Each player will need a numbered Crispin Basketball jersey (those who played on a spring club team with us will have these). If you have just a regular Crispin Basketball jersey, you can have numbers added to both sides for $1.50/digit (so max cost is $6).


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