Developmental Priorities: THE REST OF YOUR LIFE

Everyone retires from playing the game at some point. So during the course of your life, the game is fun will mean different things for different people. It may be fun to watch. It may still be fun to play. Or may be fun to teach. Either way, the intrinsic enjoyment you found in the game as a child…this is the secret you want to most pass on. Your enjoyment is more important than you think. 


The best teachers are fueled by the love they have for the subject they teach and the individuals they teach. You pass on the fun by staying true the soul of the game while also looking out for the highest good of those you teach. You pass on the fun by helping others improve. But not just improve…grow in their love. 


The best teachers have enough to share. They continue to learn about themselves and others. They continue to learn about the game itself. They are not content. They know they don’t have it all figured out. They realize things have changed and will change. So they will adjust with those changes in order to better pass on the love and pass on the knowledge. 

Note, this knowledge goes far beyond knowledge of the game. It also involves all your learned while playing the game, being on a team, seeking to improve, failing, succeeding, winning, and losing. And more. If you compete at all, you learn a lot. Pass it on. 


Some may not find themselves teachers, but they can still enjoy the game. They may choose to referee. Or work a shot-clock. Or write stories. Or simply buy a season ticket to watch. It doesn’t matter. The real joy found in playing the game is the reason we keep returning to it. It is then the reason why we choose to contribute to making it better. 


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